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Yet Another Mike

Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 19:38 ET

Dave Barnes Sticker

The other day a very strange thing happened to me. I got a completely unsolicited e-mail from a guy who wanted me to send him my home address. “Delete it,” right? That’s what I thought at first, but, internet safety rules aside, I gave it a second look. I’m kind of glad I did — it’s pretty cool.

The guy was a representative of a company who produces my friend Dave Barnes (which you know if you’ve read this blog). I’m using “friend” in the pedestrian here — we’ve never met before. I’ve just listened to his music a lot. Anyway, Dave has a new album (Me + You + the World) coming out on April 1. This guy (let’s call him Mike, ’cause that won’t be confusing) sent me an album sampler, a poster, and some stickers. The stickers are that red picture up at the top there.

So I listened to the CD. I was specifically asked not to post the songs (not that I would do that, ever) but I think I’m supposed to tell you about the new album and hopefully you’ll want to buy it. Well, I’ll do my best, here goes… There were three songs: #1 is “Until You.” I don’t get this, because it was on Brother, Bring the Sun. Moving along… #2 is called “Brothers & Sisters.” This is a fine song, and I’m pretty sure Mike M. and I heard it when Two Birds, One Stone was in town, but it’s kind of pop-ish. #3 is called “When a Heart Breaks.” I like this one the best on the little CD. I’ll be listening to it more.

So that’s my story. Pretty cool. In the past week I got confirmation that two people are (kind of) reading my blog. That’s more than I thought…

Dave Barnes Note

If you think you’d like to buy the album, check these out:

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