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Seven Days

Sunday, May 18th, 2008 at 09:41 ET

Forgive me, it’s been seven days since my last exercise…

Actually, I changed the name from “Jogging Journal” to “Exercise Journal” because I was going to write in all the different exercise-related things I was doing. Even when it’s just walking around Animal Kingdom with my grandmother. Yet, alas, I haven’t been doing that. It’s not actually that I haven’t done any exercise, but I haven’t gotten up or come home from work, put on my jogging shorts, and started my interval timer…

Today I did 1.6 miles (I decided to up it, even though it was hard) and did my 2-1 intervals in 15:55, which isn’t horrible, really. The other day I saw a commercial for New Balance that kind of summed-up my jogging “program.” Their new campaign is love/hate. The commercial is all about each time you set out to go jogging you have this love/hate feeling about it. I’m totally there. The beginning is mostly hate, the end is mostly love. Do you think the ends justify the means?

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