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On a Night Like This

Monday, December 10th, 2007 at 17:30 ET

This song wasn’t going to be my next post. In fact, I wrote a whole post last night and then unpublished it 10 minutes later. I stubbed my toe jumping out of bed trying to get to the computer fast enough — as if people are reading this blog in the middle of the night. I think the hardest thing about wanting to blog reactions to songs is that the best way I know to understand what I’m trying to say is to listen to the song.

These two posts (the second as yet unpublished) are both from my Prayers playlist, like the last post, and are both from the same album. I definitely didn’t notice what the artist was trying to say, calling his album Brother, Bring the Sun, until after I had heard these two songs. Don’t get me wrong, these are the songs of a lover, and I think the songs might show us I mean that in a worldly way — but there’s something more. There’s a tangible something hidden in the lyrics, hidden like the the title of the CD, right in plain sight.

I was talking to my mom the other day when she was down visiting for Thanksgiving. We’re two different people, at least theologically, but I think that deeper inside us we have the same beliefs. For a moment I was trying to explain to her how I believe in God, and this is something that I wish more people paid attention to. I read somewhere, and have been meditating on constantly since, that the proof of a higher power is all around us. All the parts of our natural world, and all the amazing things that we are able as Men to accomplish in it, just simply don’t make sense in the context of an accidental universe. A process of natural selection didn’t just happen, all by itself, and randomly create the beautiful diversity of life on our planet. There was a time before the big bang; there were moments and eons before when the universe existed in an entirely different way from how it does now. Science can never reveal the secrets of that existence, and even if it could, we’d never be able to understand it. Then somehow, BANG!

I see shadows of a Creator every day. The sunsets in Florida are absolutely breathtaking more than once a week. The color green and a starry sky and the way an atom looks like a little solar system and the ridiculous-looking turtles in the pond behind our office building… It fills me with wonder.

On a night like this I could fall in love,
I could fall in love with you.
In this dark so dense, we talk so soft
The way young lovers do.

The day’s last sigh turns to cool night’s breeze
And this love hangs thick like these willow leaves.
I’ve hid myself away from this
But you silhouette is the Juda’s kiss.

On a night like this I could fall in love,
I could fall in love with you.

“On a Night Like This”
Dave Barnes
Brother, Bring the Sun
© 2007 Push the Mower Trim the Hedge Records

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