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New Bookshelves

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 at 16:36 ET

Mike M. got me a gift certificate for Christmas for IKEA. The opening of the store in town has somehow turned me into a little more of an IKEAphile than I think I really am, but I didn’t complain. Mike knew I wanted a few things, but he was pretty sure he knew what I would do with the gift — get new bookshelves. Now, there are a few Christmas gift certificates I haven’t used yet, but I actually went to IKEA (can you say a little too excited about the store or a reason to go there) and got the shelves and brackets. That was a bit of a thing, because after laying out the exact right pattern with the shelves standing on end on the floor with Mike, I found out that three of the brackets I needed were out-of-stock and discontinued. Thankfully, my sister is in Atlanta and within a few weeks I had all the pieces and parts.

It’s taken me weeks to get this project finished, but today I finally have new bookshelves. I’m very excited. I like owning a house and making my room the way I want it. Mike was great. In addition to actually getting me the gift, he went with me to pick out the shelves, came over yesterday when I really needed a hand, drove me to Lowes to get the right anchors, and even came back today to make sure the project got finished-up. I’m really glad he’s my friend :)

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