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Jogging Day 3 of 3

Saturday, March 1st, 2008 at 17:43 ET

Wow! I’m still at 100%. I went so much further today than the other days and walked for a lot less. I’m pretty sure I easily jogged over 1 mile. That’s a good place to start!

Today when I was jogging I got to thinking about this site. It’s been getting more attention than I expected these days (i.e., someone’s been reading it, two people actually) and I feel I owe an explanation. An explanation to what? Why to the oldest question in the history of this blog — “why innerturtle?” • • • OK, in reality, I don’t think anyone has ever actually asked me that question. I’m not sure why — if I were you I know I sure as heck would want to know. I’ve offered the answer several times, and always to an un-enthused crowd. Nonetheless…

I thought the idea was pretty clever when I came up with it. First of all, I really like turtles. That’s a whole other story, which I promise to tell some day, but doesn’t have any direct bearing on this story. One day I was trying to think of a new place to become the home of my web presence (my old site had my last name in it, which I decided was too gauche and a little unsavvy in a world of online predators and all that.) I thought, “it could be something to do with a turtle.” Then, of course, I tried a lot of ideas involving “turtle” in some way and let godaddy suggest some for me too. Hhandsometurtle was leading the pack and then somehow innerturtle popped into my head. It made sense to me right away.

All people have the qualities of many different animals as a part of us. This is both because the qualities we identify animals with are often just projection as well as due to our inexorable link to all other lifeforms as the most highly evolved species. As such, I wanted people to think much more seriously about their inner turtle and what he has to say.

My friend the turtle beat the hair — we all know this lesson and I hope you thought of it right away. That’s a good place to start. His story has much more to tell us than just about a metaphorical race. At least, I mean, you can apply this metaphor very widely. The turtle is long-lived, exceptionally long lived for his size in the animal kingdom. I honestly believe his deliberate steadfastness has a lot to do with his longevity and that many people could take a lesson here. I believe he’s also the most well-armored of the creatures on land: there are two lessons here. First, he’s cautious and careful and is not ashamed to know when it’s time to take a step back and wait for a more opportune moment. Also, he’s prepared. I was a Boy Scout (and a Cub Scout and WEBLOS before) so I truly believe in the power of being prepared.

Today I jogged as far and as long as the first two days combined. It was almost tempting to push myself to the limit (which I generally think isn’t a bad idea), but then decided to take a lesson from my turtle. I pushed myself hard, set a goal, and then gave myself a little walk break at the point I was reaching out to. I didn’t walk for long and went back to jogging more quickly than anticipated. I went far, but I didn’t wear myself out. I really want to be successful at jogging and increasing my healthiness — I want to go a little farther and a little longer each day. I can’t do that by going as far as possible each day — some days would be slower than others. I think slow and steady might get me there, and when I arrive I expect that being more healthy will only be one of the benefits.

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