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Jogging with Mike

Wow. I had about the coolest jog today, ’cause my roommate and best friend, Mike, came with me. He’s been in “the Iraq” for four months and just came home yesterday. I always wondered if jogging with a buddy would be difficult, especially ’cause I didn’t know if anyone would want to do my intervals with me…. We did 1.4 miles, 2-1, and made 15:55.

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Seven Days

Forgive me, it’s been seven days since my last exercise…

Actually, I changed the name from “Jogging Journal” to “Exercise Journal” because I was going to write in all the different exercise-related things I was doing. Even when it’s just walking around Animal Kingdom with my grandmother. Yet, alas, I haven’t been doing that. It’s not actually that I haven’t done any exercise, but I haven’t gotten up or come home from work, put on my jogging shorts, and started my interval timer…

Today I did 1.6 miles (I decided to up it, even though it was hard) and did my 2-1 intervals in 15:55, which isn’t horrible, really. The other day I saw a commercial for New Balance that kind of summed-up my jogging “program.” Their new campaign is love/hate. The commercial is all about each time you set out to go jogging you have this love/hate feeling about it. I’m totally there. The beginning is mostly hate, the end is mostly love. Do you think the ends justify the means?

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Jogging Day 13 of 18

Well, my compliance to the “jog every day” idea isn’t doing too well (72% right now) but I still feel like I’m accomplishing a lot. Yesterday I was supposed to have a practice with my canoe team (a story for another day) so I intended to skip jogging. No one came to the practice (apparently the middle of an afternoon on a day everyone has off is an inconvenient time — next time I’ll pick 3am on a Tuesday) but I was too bummed out to go jogging. Lame, huh?

Today I increased my distance to approximately 2 miles. I’m stoked about that. I did the 1.6 mile circuit in about 15:32 and then kept going. By the end of the 2.0 miles I’d been jogging for 21:35. This is finally a worthwhile cardio exercise in my book, although I still want to go longer. I’m still on 2 minutes jogging then 1 minute walking….

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Jogging Day 10 of 14

Ya’ll may have noticed my brief jogging hiatus. Well, it seems that, in addition to the shin pain, I’ve been having another medical “symptoms of concern.” It’s been going on since day 5 or so… You can tell I took it a little seriously since I didn’t write about it. Well, I made a doctor’s appointment (it’s not for a little bit) and called my mom. Then I got with my friend Frank, the best runner I know. Frank suggested that my symptom is probably just my body getting used to jogging again and that perhaps starting a little more slowly with some intervals would be a good idea. At first I thought it sounded a bit wimpy, but I did ask for his advice and after a few seconds to get over myself it sounded like a good idea.

Today I bought a new watch with an interval timer and set out to do 2 minutes jogging and 1 minute walking. I need to learn more about interval programs and get myself on a good track, but I think it helped. I’ll also have to see, over the next 24 hours, how my symptoms are. Overall I really liked it though. Since all that walking was built in I decided to go on the 1.6 mile loop (my first time on that one) and it took 15:58. It went pretty well — my shins didn’t hurt so much at least. I did cramp up a bit but after not jogging for 3 days that should be expected. Tomorrow I’ll try again.

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Jogging Day 9 of 11

Today was not so good. I only made it about 2/3 or 3/4 of my 1.4 mile route and then had to stop. The biggest problem was that my shins started hurting something awful. I’ve been feeling them since I started this whole project, but today was way above the rest of the days. I then had to walk home, which may have felt even worse, and had to stop a few times. I’ve found some resources I’m going to use today after I write this and tomorrow to try to stretch these suckers out.

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