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Another Prayer

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 at 15:54 ET

I originally wrote a post about this song on 12/8. It’s the one I wrote and then took-down 10 minutes later (see On a Night Like This below.) This song is hard for me to blog about but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.

Part of the reason it’s hard to blog about is that it is so overtly religious. The first few times I heard it I wasn’t paying close enough attention. All I heard was “…your love will never change…” and thought it was more typical of the other songs on the album. After I was compelled to really listen to the song and heard how pretty it was it wasn’t hard to notice what he is really singing about here. Yet it’s interesting how it’s kind of “hiding” a little bit. Since then I’ve just been reeling on this one, but when I tried to write about the song, I got somewhat preachy. No one wants preachy in some kid from Florida’s blog. (Sidebar, I say “kid” but I’m not talking about someone’s age. For example, I might say, “the kids at the nursing home,” or something like that. It’s just how I talk.)

Today I’m impressed with the juxtaposition of a singer who clearly understands his God very well (albeit he’s trying to pass it off as surreptitiously) yet calls himself “a stranger.” I can understand feeling like I know God and at the same time feeling (in one way) apart from God. I have been trying to revel the beauty of Creation without that persistent tug away in the back of my head trying to ask, “what part of that world was created for me — where do I fit?” I’ve definitely been praying to hear His song.

I guess part of the answer is, given the subject of my last three posts, that maybe He’s been singing me the song all along. This is a very good time of year for everyone to pay a little more attention. In my last post I was talking about evidence of a Creator being right in plain sight. With everything that has been and will be happening the lives of my family and friends, I suppose there will be ample opportunity to pay attention before pre-judging how or why the world might be on the path we find it.

They tell me there’s songs reserved for angels.
Would you sing me one, a stranger, just to prove your love?
And you know they tell me you’ve given poor men kingdoms
And handed guilty freedom, taken on their stains.
Your love will never change, your love will never change.

They tell me you dwell with good and evil,
In alleys and cathedrals, shadows and the light.
And you know they tell me you hold the world together,
not from guilt, but pleasure. You somehow know my name.
Your love will never change, your love will never change.

So tell me, there’s nothing that you can’t do.
You love me though I’ve hurt you. You’ll take all my blame.
Your love will never change, your love will never change.

“Your Love Will Never Change”
Dave Barnes
Brother, Bring the Sun
© 2007 Push the Mower Trim the Hedge Records

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