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Jogging Day 1 of 1

OK, I’m putting it on my blog to try and keep myself honest. Today was jogging day #1.

I’ve been thinking about getting back into jogging for a long, long time now, probably since I stopped 4 years ago or so. So today I started. I’m not saying I won’t miss a day, maybe even tomorrow with as hectic a day it’s going to be, but I’d like to keep the average above 6/week. You think I can do it?

Today I jogged the 1.4 mile track in my neighborhood. There’s also a 0.4 mile track and a 1.6 mile track, giving me lots of options. I’d like to get up to 2 miles/day as quickly as possible. I used to jog 3 a day (4 years ago) and it was getting easy, but I never upped it.

I didn’t actually jog the whole 1.4 miles you understand — probably just a little more than half. That may seem like a sorry start, but I’m happy: 1) it was a start and 2) the biggest reason wasn’t my breathing (although it was cold so that made it a little hard and I didn’t have or take an inhaler) or my muscles burning, it was a bad cramp. That’s OK because I know from my previous experience jogging that a little patience will take that factor away. The others may get a little harder for a while, but at least I won’t get cramped.

Anyway, today I’m at 1 out of 1 and that’s 100% and there’s no better place to start!

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